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Branding / Logo Design / Packaging


Client: Rumisu

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Print House: Focus Print

Founded by sisters Deniz & Pınar Yeğin in 2013, Rumisu is an ethically manufactured luxury design accessories brand, with passion for illustration at its heart. Using only natural fabrics like silk, cotton and wool, each piece is handmade with unique illustrations. We set out to create a branding that would have the brands playful and vibrant spirit, yet also keep it as minimal as we could to emphasize the luxury handmade value of the designs. Inspired by the bold color palettes of their prints, their signature orange, blue and green hues set the tone for the entire branding along with a simple and minimal logoype in gold foil.

The name, a combination of "Rumi" and "Su" (water in Turkish), is the joint idea of sisters Deniz & Pınar.

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