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Prototype No.1

Branding / Art Direction /Packaging

Client: Plus Kitchen

Photographer: Enis Berksoy

Prototype No.1 is a coffee shop, pizzeria, book/design store and daily food atelier all in one. Situated in the center of Istanbul’s financial district on the ground floor of a business plaza called Maslak No.1, it offers a different alternative for professionals who love coffee, good food, art and design. Using simple forms -

a square, a circle, a triangle and a hexagon-and combining them with handmade typography the idea was to create a friendly, warm and inviting restaurant and cafe. The combination of the four forms inadvertedly also has symbolic aspects- such as the Philosoper’s Stone- and sets the tone for the branding inside the store. All branding and collateral were created using simple materials such as kraft paper, rope, stamps and natural paper as well as hand painted wall graphics, store signages and shelf designs.


Project featured in Novum Magazine Feb 2016 issue.

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