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Misk Floral Cafe

Branding / Packaging / Logo Design 

Client: Misk Floral Cafe

Photographer: Enis Berksoy

Interior Photos: Courtesy of Studyo AB

Misk is the budding new artisanal flower shop and floral café in Istanbul. 

Located in one of the city’s most up-and-coming districts, Misk is the new

go-to cafe in town. Inspired by the brand name, a distinctive logomark in the abstract form of a deer head combined with the letter M was created. Soft

shades of pink, grey and gold foil set the tone for a clean and minimal brand identity. From business cards, menus, boxes, candle packaging to flower bouquets, everything was created to match the brand's soft look & feel. Store design & architecture by Asli Baysan Birgen.

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