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Branding / Logo Design / Art Direction

Client: Openhaus

Photographer: Haldun Kırkbir

Interior Photos: Courtesy of Openhaus

Print House: Focus Print

Openhaus is a new design and lifestyle store situated in Nişantaşı, one of Istanbul's most popular shopping districts. It is an ever-evolving space with a refined blend of fashion, design & art. Openhaus started with a co-retailing concept and our challenge was to create the brand right down to it's name and philosophy. Working closely with it's founding partners Zeynep Karahan and Barlas Kizilgün, we wanted to create a strong, bold and contemporary brand identity that would catch everyones attention and welcome them to the store with an open mind. The brand logo which symbolizes an open door inside a stylised O and H monogram became the key icon which was carried out through all print materials. The bold, condensed logotype and the vibrant orange color palette became the backbone for the brand identity and was carried out into the interior, designed and built by Aslı Baysan Birgen, Studio AB. 

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