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Turtlee Organic Toothpaste

Branding / Logo Design / Packaging / Illustration

Client: Turtlee Organics

Photographer: Yonca Muslubaş

The brand name is derived from "Turtle" and is seen as a symbol of Mother Earth, representing stability, and longevity. It is also considered a symbol of protection, as the turtle's hard shell provides a physical barrier against danger. Turtlee Organics is a certified organic toothpaste brand that builds a bridge between people and nature, believes in the healing power of nature, and is dedicated to transferring this belief to human health. We illustrated a world of Turtle with other elements such as sun, snake, and lotus flower each has a symbolic meaning that creates the story. Sun is depicting the energy of life, power, and strength while the snake symbolizes the power of transformation and healing. With a nice add-on with lotus, which is a powerful symbol of purity, renewal, and rebirth. 

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