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The Whirl

Branding / Logo Design / Art Direction 

Client: The Whirl

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Authentically Rooted, Freshly Roasted.

The Whirl is a 'specialty' coffee roaster, that brings together the roots of the coffee culture with the real coffee ceremony of today's techniques. With a belief in the authenticity of every bean, they ethically sourced coffee beans ensuring a journey from farm to the cup that respects both the earth and the hands that cultivate its treasures.

A journey from the bean to the cup is symbolized by the hand emblem that reflects the whirling roastery process by honoring each hand from farmers to roasters that make coffee 'a specialty coffee'.

The coffee’s distinctive smell and taste are revealed through our roasting cycle. We call this process The Whirl of the coffee beans.

The Whirl, which set out in 2020 to tell the world that it is possible to drink quality coffee by being more sensitive to the world, has today become a coffee community by combining individual stories and experiences. Respecting the history of coffee, with its roasting approach on its journey to find mysterious flavors, it became Turkey’s highest tonnage “qualified” coffee roaster in 2 years. 


The Whirl aims to be a game changer in the coffee market by creating a strong brand story and unique experience for coffee enthusiasts and it is the pioneer of the accessible high-quality coffee trend, 


Some of the places that serve The Whirl coffee all over Turkey today are Four Seasons Hotel, Mikla, Bebek Hotel, Galliard, Splendid Hotel.

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