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Branding / Packaging / Illustration

Client: Potamya

Photography & Styling: Betül Bora

Potamya is a natural, organic food brand consisting primarily of 100% gluten-free and vegan legume pastas, dried fruit snacks and organic pastas. Founded by Emil Sakpınar and Emre Gönül in 2018, Potamya's main philosophy is all about eating natural and being good to nature. Taking inspiration from artifacts of ancient Mesopotamia, the origin of agriculture as we know today, we created an illustration concept that would represent the history dating back. The logo, set in a deep navy, was inspired again by forms and shapes found in tools dating back from the period. With sustainability at its core, we wanted to create a packaging system which would allow its consumers to use the box as a measuring cup by tearing off the lid and closing it back after each use. 

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