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La Plage

Branding / Logo Design / Art Direction 

Client: La Plage

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Print House: Focus Print

La Plage No.14, nestled in Suadiye, Istanbul, is a blend of bohemian allure, seaside charm, and nostalgia. Characterized by warm wood finishes of the interior, vintage decor elements, and a dominant terracotta color scheme, exudes a captivating ambiance, inviting in its vibrant atmosphere.


Central to the branding is the depiction of Suadiye's beachside life during the '60s-'70s, captured through playful scenes and sophisticated figures, evoking a sense of nostalgia and whimsy. The typography, bold and alluring, harmonizes seamlessly with the interior aesthetic, further enhancing the visual appeal. A key highlight of the branding is the incorporation of memorable mottos such as "girls just wanna have sun" and "sea la vie," adding a touch of wit and charm that resonates with the clientele. 


Moreover, the branding colors, carefully selected to complement the warm and welcoming atmosphere, are enhanced with touches of gold, symbolizing sophistication and hinting at the establishment's vibrant nightlife.


In essence, the branding project for La Plage No.14 embodies a captivating narrative of seaside elegance, 

artistic flair, and culinary excellence, inviting guests to escape the ordinary and embrace 

the extraordinary at this enchanting oasis in Suadiye, Istanbul.

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