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Kronotrop Coffee

Re-Branding / Logo Design / Packaging / Art Direction 

Client: Kronotrop

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Kronotrop is a multi-branched coffee house with a presence in multiple cities across Turkey, that grown into a big family with a continued passion towards people, coffee and nature.

Kronotrop has great respect for the soil and natural resources - simply for nature in its complete totality. In order to preserve the freshness of the coffee, they roast it in small quantities at our own roasting house and delicately brew the beans you pick that take you on a journey to South America or Africa with a single sip. Ethically sourced seeds from organic farms all over the world that share the respect for nature and every coffee batch has a unique story. 


We proudly present Kronotrop re-branding, 100% recyclable new packaging with a new design attitude. We love working with brands who are passionate about what they do also have great respect for natural resources and reduce their waste. Thank you for being kind to the planet and it's a pleasure being part of it. Even the cardboard coffee cups are 100% recyclable!

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