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Homemade Aromaterapi

Branding / Packaging / Illustration

Client: Homemade Aromaterapi

Photography & Styling I: Betül Bora 

Photography & Styling IIYonca Muslubaş

Print House: Focus Print

Founded in 2012 by Aslı Bilgin, Homemade Aromaterapi is all about essential oils and 100% natural ingredients. Boasting a wide range of products from face creams to air freshners and oily scents, Homemade Aromaterapi is one of Turkey's first aromatherapy brands. Working closely with founder Aslı Bilgin, we set out to create a vintage inspired branding reminiscent of old apothecaries and pharmacies. An illustrative logo of a stylised flower in a testtube, paired together with a condensed serif logotype became the backbone for the branding which was carried out through all print materials.

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