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Goodness Co.

Branding / Packaging / Illustration

Client: Goodness Co.

Photography & Styling: Gözde Durusoy

Goodness Co. Daily Ritual Bars are designed to help you become your best self. The brainchild of Aslıhan Sipahioğlu and Zeynep Kökçü, Goodness Bars are an innovative snack based on the body's natural circadian cycle, full of healthy supplements and nutritious foods your body needs to complete its daily routine. 

We set out to create a clean, minimal branding based on the hours of the day with an informative and technical feel. With playful text, informative typography, and a soft transitioning color palette based on the sun's colors throughout the day we set the tone for the branding. Starting with a soft pale blue and yellow and ending with a deep purple each bar completes each other when put side by side. The tiny touch of gold foil on the clock logo determines the time of consumption for each bar along with the cylinder box thats meant to be your daily snack.

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