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Echoes Candle Lab

Branding / Logo Design / Art Direction 

Client: Echoes

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Echoes Candle & Scent Lab develops a curated collection inspired by moments of life; full of essence & light. All are natural, clean candles in perfectly developed fragrance oils with a beautiful balance of 100% soy wax & beeswax. Each and every candle is hand-poured by a team of artisans in their Istanbul-based atelier. 


We created an organic-shaped emblem symbolizing the essence growing with light. 

We also used an earthy color palette to emphasize their pure, and powerful formula 

free of paraffin & phthalate, and created a striking label as a signature of their unique scents.


Each collection is inspired by recalling the moments of life; we created names for collections such as "Inhale Nature", "Feed your Soul", "Sweet like your Home" etc. 

giving the feelings of each moment that echoes in our life. 


Burn it to remember.

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