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Branding / Logo Design / Art Direction 

Client: Amavi

Photographer: Haldun Kirkbir

Print House: Focus Print

Located in the beautiful Aegean seaside town of Cesme, Amavi is a hip and upscale seafood restaurant featuring a seasonal, locally inspired menu that offers a delicious selection of fish, lobster and local delicacies. Set in hues of blush and blue tones against lush greenery, guests can enjoy specially crafted cocktails on hot summer nights. We aimed to create a brand identity that would blend in with the chic interior, created by Deniz Galip Studio, and empahsize the strong seafood menu. Using a soft color palette with elements of gold, we created a series of whimsical illustrations that were applied on all printables.

That's the feeling you taste from the sea 🦑


Veni | Vidi | Amavi

I came - I saw - I loved

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